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     Vintage cast iron opener with key chain hole.
Weighs only 2 oz. and will NOT dent the crown

     Why not have a vintage opener to display with
your vintage crown collection? Or, use it daily
to open those refreshments without denting the
caps. This solid, but inexpensive opener has

been a good investment for me as I've given

several away to friends and relatives who were

previously saving caps for me from their beverages,

but were using openers that dented them. It is so

refreshing to now receive UNDENTED used crowns

from them every time I see them. It is the gift that

keeps on giving.

     I keep one in my desk, in the kitchen, the man cave, 

my workshop, my pick-up, my car, on a magnet on my beer fridge--EVERWHERE! And remember, don't leave home without it!


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