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Wondering about our general policies on shipping, ordering, trading, and payments? Check out the following descriptions!


Each image represents one cap. If you order more than one of any image I may or may not have extras available. If I don't, I'll refund you, or email you to ask if you have substitutes. I reserve the right to limit quantities for any reason.

In some cases, if I have multiples in similar condition of the image I have posted, the image may not be of the actual cap you will receive, but will be comparable. I accept returns if you find the condition unsatisfactory.


We accept cashier's checks, money orders and personal checks. There will be a $30 charge on all returned checks. I may wait 7-10 days for a check to clear from new customers. We also accept PayPal.

Send payment to:


15746 N 56 ST


Email address is:


—Within the U.S., S&H is $3.99 for as many caps as you want to be shipped in one package, and that includes tracking. Insurance is extra, but optional. (See postal service website USPS and view value chart) or ask for a quote.

—Canada S&H is $12.99 up to but not exceeding 8 oz. (about 45 cork-lined caps).

—International S&H is $13.99 for Czech Republic, Spain, Germany, France, and Poland up to but not exceeding 8 oz. (about 45 cork-lined caps).

—S&H is $14.99 for Greece, Russian Federation, Italy, and the UK up to but not exceeding 8 oz. (about 45 cork-lined caps).

—S&H to Hong Kong and Australia is $16.99 up to but not exceeding 8 oz. (about 45 cork-lined caps).

—For all other countries, please ask for a quote.

PLEASE include your mailing address, email address and phone number to expedite your order. Your information WILL NOT be sold or shared with any other entity.

All packages are shipped first-class within the U.S., unless they exceed 13 oz. In that case, they will be shipped Priority.


Please allow 30–60 BUSINESS DAYS (due to COVID issues) for your item to be shipped. You will be sent a tracking number when your package is shipped. All orders are placed in queue when payment is received.


I am a collector, too, so I know we like to receive our caps as quickly as possible. However, please understand that I must pull and ship orders from in between eBay auctions and as my full-time job permits.


Thank you for your patience.


Q. Does trade for caps?

A. Maybe, but not usually. prefers U.S. cork-lined soda or beer used and unused.

Q. Does trade for world-wide plastic-lined beer or soda caps?

A. Very seldom

Q. What caps will trade for?

A. will trade for crowncaps from products not made as a beverage that he finds of interest such as insecticides, cleaners, laundry detergent, motor oil, cooking sauce, perfume, citrate of magnesia, maple syrup, honey, mustard, and seeds.

Q. If my package is lost or damaged in the mail will replace or refund lost or missing caps or for lost or damaged packages?

A. NO, unless deems itself liable. encourages the use of insurance when it makes sense.


Q. What if cannot fill all of the crowns in my order because some have been sold?

A. Buyer will be given a credit to be used on future orders, or the refund will be made through PayPal.


Q. What if I choose to cancel my order for some reason?

A. charges an 18% re-stocking fee and will refund the balance to the buyer.

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