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ABOUT is my web site for sharing my extra bottle caps with collectors and crafters of the world. 


My name is Phil Pfeiffer, and I live in a rural area outside Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, and I ship crowns worldwide. A few people have heard of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Cornhusker football team of which I am a fan.


I began collecting soda crowns in 1997, and in 2000 I also began collecting beer crowns. I have more interest in cork-lined crowns, but I collect both cork-lined and plastic-lined, used and unused.


I view bottle caps as miniature tin signs and appreciate and enjoy those that have great artwork. Since “smaller is better” in this day and age, one can have numerous “tin signs” that take up little space in an apartment or home.


Other crowns provide a snapshot of history and reflect societal norms, attitudes and current events of the time period. For many of the bottling companies and breweries, there is little tangible evidence remaining, but some of it has been captured on bottle caps.


As a retired English teacher, I also enjoy the play on words and catchy phrases and advertising angles displayed on crowns.




Some crowns I enjoy just from the nostalgia aspect; they bring back certain memories from the county fair, stock car races, sitting in the local malt shop, canoeing down a river on a hot day and so forth.


I acquire modern crowns through friends and relatives who grab them up for me when they have the chance. Of course, there are occassions where I must, well, uh, consume the beverage from under the crown to liberate the crown for my collection.


To acquire cork-lined crowns I buy from the internet, local auctions and shops, and trade with other collectors. I have attended 10 CrownVentions sponsored by CCSI in Pennsylvania adding great numbers to my collection.


I have purchased 17 collections of crowns from private collectors in the years I’ve been collecting. As a result, my collection has grown to more than 36,000 different crowns. However, the sad state of affairs is that my duplicate crowns far outnumber my collection!


I live in the tornado alley of the Great Plains and have had the occasional nightmare that my home was destroyed by a tornado and my crowns were scattered by the wind throughout Nebraska and the surrounding states. With that thought, I have decided to sell off most of my duplicate crowns and keep my collection in a safer place.




I have several collecting interests and other hobbies, so I have chosen to offer my extra crowns for sale to collectors and crafters; it is the quickest way to liquidate my doubles so I still have time to add to my other collections.


I will also offer crowns on eBay auctions from time to time. I am eBay user “sodacap,” and I have been a member since January of 1999. Currently, I have a feedback rating 

of 5201, and I am a top rated seller with the highest buyer ratings and 100% positive feedback.


I have sent crowns for trading and eBay sales to Australia, Italy, Germany, Hong Kong, Canada, Mexico, Spain, The Netherlands, Finland, United Kingdom, Russian Federation, Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden, France, Greece and elsewhere.


All crowns shown on this site are for sale. There may be instances where I would trade crowns on this site for crowns in my priority areas:

  • root beer crowns worldwide

  • cream soda crowns worldwide

  • Nebraska crowns

  • crowns from products worldwide not made as a beverage (such as automotive products, chemicals, poisons and such).








I also have collections of Nebraska soda bottles; Nebraska hunting, fishing and trapping licenses; Nebraska bottle openers; and bullet pencils.


I believe in supporting the hobbies I enjoy through memberships and contribute articles to club newsletters from time to time.



  • Member #273 of Crowncap Collectors Society International (CCSI), Past President and current CrownVention co-coordinator.

  • Member #134 of Crowncaps.Info

  • Member #2022 and Vice President of the American Pencil Collectors Society.

  • Member, The Stockyard Collectors Club

  • Member, Cornhusker Chapter of the BCCA

  • Member, Nebraska Antique Bottle Collectors Club

  • Member, Nebraska Token Collectors Club


Bottom line—I’m an old guy who likes old stuff and I’m selling off most of my extras and you are likely to find some bargains on my site.


Thanks for looking, and I hope you find some crowns you like. 


Remember, collecting bottle caps should be fun!

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